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Avictor High Short (+5cm)

Gives you the ultimate advantage!

Avictor High Short (+5cm) 26 Avictor High Short (+5cm) 26
Avictor High Short (+5cm) 26 Avictor High Short (+5cm) 26
Article number: APMH_390_26

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Born out of a collaboration between the industry’s top experts and the world’s most elite swimmers, the Avictor showcases an unprecedented combination of advanced features. The FINA-approved suit maximizes performance and gives athletes the ultimate advantage over their competition. The Avictor is proudly manufactured in the U.S.A of imported goods, which adds to the long list of features that sets it apart from its competitors.

- I’ve been excited about the Avictor since the first time I tested the suit. Because of the Avictor, 2015 will be my most compressed, streamlined and fastest year yet. The Avictor's hi-tech, low-friction fabric andthe new shapely cut allows for easy movement where you want it, and compression where you need it, said 4x Olympic Gold Medalist Matt Grevers. 

Cutting-edge Hydrosphere Technology optimizes body position by causing water to surround the fabric of the suit, creating a visible hydrospheric effect. As a result, drag is reduced and speed and efficiency are boosted.

Designed with proprietary Speed Dry Fabrication, the Avictor minimizes dry time and rapidly repels water. This ensures athletes experience a dry, lightweight and comfortable fit for every race.

State-of-the-art Super Flex Bonding stretches and recovers with the body allowing free range of motion and compression at the same time. The fully bonded seams conform to the swimmer’s body and provide a durable, 360 degree stretch. The result is a precisely fitted, ultra compressive suit that maximizes core stabilization while allowing 100% natural movement and flexibility.

Material: 70% Nylon, 30% Lycra Spandex

Fyrfaldiga OS-guldmedaljören Matt Grevers utlåtande om Avictor:

- Jag har varit spänd på Avictor sedan första gången jag testade den. 2015 kommer att bli mitt mest komprimerande, strömlinjeformade och snabbast år hittills, tack vare Avictor. Materialet som Avictor är gjord i är hi-tech och formar sig bra och gör att man känner sig obegränsad, samtidigt som den komprimerar där du behöver det och när du behöver det.


Banbrytande hydrotekniksom optimerar din kropps position genom att vattnet inte absorberas av dräkten utan minskar draget och boostar din fart.


Avictor-dräkten är gjord i snabbtorkade material som effektivt stöter bort vattnet. Detta gör att du som simmare upplever en lättare och bekvämare känsla i varje lopp.


För att du inte ska begränsas av kompressionen i dräkten, har Avictor den senaste superflexibla sammansättningen i sömmarna. Detta möjliggör i sin tur full rörlighet samtidigt som dräkten stödjer bålen, då rörelsen blir 100% naturlig.



70% nylon, 30 % Lycra-spandex 

Avictor-dräkten är tillverkad i USA av importerat material.




Suits and gear for swimmers and triahtletes!

Named for Týr, the norse God of warriors, we are a company started in 1985 by athletes and powered by athletes. We are dedicated to re-imagining technologies that help athletes obtain peak performance through innovation and design. Like all athletes, we always work with an intense spirit of competition.  Everything we do revolves around creating the fastest, most advanced performance products. Always in front.


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